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Conrad Negron is a highly respected financial and investment authority and currently hosts "Let's Talk", an interactive financial based radio show. He is a sought after speaker and financial advisor with over 30 year’s experience working in stocks, insurance and in energy investments. Throughout his career, Negron has built a strong track record of providing market insight and solid investment strategies.

Negron observed the increasing challenges that businesses and investors were experiencing with obtaining sound financial advice. In 1994 he founded his own practice with the primary focus in the energy sector specializing in oil and natural gas consulting.

Today, Negron is a sought after speaker and advisor in the fields of wealth management, insurance and energy investments. Negron’s newest venture the "Let's Talk" radio show is quickly gaining widespread popularity and listener acclaim. His vast personal network and relationships in various industries provide for expert guests and contributors to the "Let’s Talk" show.

As a respected financial authority, he serves on the Board of Directors for a number of organizations, and continues to appear on television and radio. Negron keeps a busy schedule as a financial advisor and enjoys hosting corporate events and speaking on a variety of topics.